This blog has been - and correct me if I am using this term wrong - hella dead lately.  That is not to say that bike polo has been dead.  I have just been lazy, tired, and / or busy.  Mostly just the latter, but oh well, we can’t win them all.

So, for those of you who are interested in this whole “bike polo” idea, here is an update as to what and when we are doing:

  • Wednesdays are Humpday Hardcourt.  Some of us meet at Off The Chain before 8:00 PM, then roll out together to Cuddy Park, near the Loussac Library.  We play until we decide we are done … last night I think I rolled out around 11:00 or 11:30, though some folks do leave earlier.
  • A mallet building class will be taking place sometime soon.  We haven’t set up the dates and times yet, but I like to think that it will be either late August or very early September.  It will be a very fun event.
  • We have polo bikes.  I don’t know if the official count is four or six, but they do exist.  We have a few more that we will be trying to make here in the near future, so we should have a full fleet.  What does that mean to you?  Basically, it means that you don’t have to trash you bike just to go play polo. If you want to learn how to modify a bike to be better for polo, hit us up and we will talk through some of the very basic things that can be done to make a bike more polotastic.
  • New people are welcome to join!  Right now we have three or four folks who would qualify as definitely not new, and most everyone else has one season or less of court time.  Now is a great time to get involved, as you can learn right alongside everyone else who is just getting involved.

Bike polo should continue to grow over the next couple of months, and we would love to see all you crazy kids on the court with us.  Remember: Humpday Hardcourt - tell your friends, invite your mom!