Maybe our decision to play polo on Wednesdays was fortuitously timed to coincide with the excitement over spring.  Maybe our move to a night that already has a bunch of bike people together inspires increased participation.  Either way, Humpday Hardcourt has been hella’ awesome.  We have been killing it the last two weeks, and are looking to give it a go again here this next week.

Two weeks ago saw us getting the boot from a few private parking garages.  The security guys were great, and joked around with us as we packed up to move onward.  The second guard recommended that we check out the area around the Loussac Library, which turned out to be a great recommendation (assuming that it isn’t raining).  There is a public parking lot, as well as a quiet cul-de-sac.  If we want, we can play long games in the lot, or a short game at the end of the road.  Either way is fun, and we don’t get harassed by anyone.  Police occasionally check up to make sure we are okay, but we aren’t an unlawful gathering, so they mosey onwards soon enough.

I missed last week’s game due to a trip to Seward, but apparently it was great. We are getting good turnout, everyone is playing a little harder, and skills are improving all around.

If you are at all interested in showing up, please feel free to drop a note here, or just show up for play.  We provide the mallets, we provide the balls, and you provide the fun.  It’s a good time, and we love meeting new people and seeing new faces.

Catch you on the court.