The word on the street is that a couple of punks stole two of the polo bikes here this last week.  We are missing a blue brakeless fixed-gear mountain bike with front and rear wheel covers.  Huffy, I believe.  This was a lovely little polo bike, and it was stolen on Thursday night from behind Humpy’s.  There may have been a dickish guy there with a beige Takara who stole it or gave it away, as he was pissed that people chained up their bike in a manner that touched his frame (nothing like a mid-level, late-70’s or early-80’s Japanese road frame in less-than-pristine condition to get a fella’ all worked up).  He talked a lot of trash, we moved our bikes, but the polo bike ended up being not-locked.

Second bike was the Dan Sullivan, a black mountain frame with a Dan Sullivan wheel cover on the front.  Freewheel, rear brake switched to the left side.  This was stolen from Medfra on … Thursday?  Friday?  Somewhere in there.

Anyways, we are a little annoyed that the bikes are gone.  We have agreed that, if someone comes to polo on one of those bikes, they can keep it.  Otherwise we are going to be ganking our bike back from whichever sucka’ we find on it.  These are very easily-recognized bikes, and they will suck for general around-town use, so we are thinking that someone is likely to ditch them.

Also, we agreed that there is a special place in hell for bike thieves.  Bike thieving is one of the shittiest things of all time.