We have seen some really great polo over the last couple of months (as well as plenty of terrible or non-existent polo, too).  With the weather creeping above freezing, the daylight leaking into the evening hours, and a bit of cabin fever setting upon us, the polo action definitely seems to be picking up.

That said, we are getting a little tired of the Thursday game day … we think that we can get better turnout by switching things back to Wednesday, and we think it for two reasons.

  1. Humpday Hardcourt = hella catchy.  Way better than “Bike Polo on a Thursday evening for those of you who like that kind of thing”, which is what we had called it earlier this season.
  2. People will be at the co-op for the weekly meeting, which means that we can use peer pressure to talk people into going.  No more claims of coming to play, only to not show up.  Captive audience, etc.

So, here’s the deal.  We will meet up after the co-op meeting, which usually ends before 8PM on Wednesdays.  You are more than welcome to hang out at the shop before and during the meeting, which usually starts at 7.  Meet some folks, check out Off The Chain Collective’s general awesomeness, and then get ready for polo.  We will roll out whenever we have enough folks to play, and we will be headed to whichever court happens to tickle our fancy that night.

As always, we have mallets, we have balls … all we need is you!