That’s right, all you naysayers and ne’erdowells, bike polo is back in action up here in Alaska.  After that really long break (really guys, no one wanted to play in the SUMMER?! Wtf?), polo has a new plan.  And this time it’s serious!

So, the general plan -

  • Meet up at OTCC (814 W. Northern Lights) at 7:00 PM on Thursday, January 28th
  • Ride out to downtown at 7:15
  • Set up for play by 7:30 at either 5th and G or 9th and K
  • Wrap up whenever we are too tired, cold, or thirsty to keep playing
  • Head to a local watering hole for some refreshing beverages (and/or home for sleep)

We have mallets and a ball, as always.  We should have a couple of loaner bikes, too, if we get our act together and get them tuned up for the new season.  So far it sounds like we have enough people committed to showing up to play some three-on-three games, but we would love to have more!

This is definitely going to be a reintroduction to hardcourt polo, so don’t worry if you don’t have tons of experience.  We will be getting everyone up to speed on the rules and some general tactics, and then will have some fairly mellow play going to get people used to the game.

See you on the court - bring the ruckus!

What: Bike Polo, the Revival
When: Thursday, January 28th.
Yeah, but When?: Meet up at 7PM at OTCC, ride out at 7:15.
Where: Meeting at OTCC (814 W. Northern Lights), playing downtown.
How: With style!
Why: Because it will make your mother love you more.