Hey folks -

Rage City Bike Polo died a quiet death for a while in the summer months and never really kicked up again in the fall.  A bunch of us have gotten together to discuss the state of affairs, and we are resolved in our determination to get things rolling again.

Here’s the deal - we intend to start the league up in February.  Mind you, it’s not a real league with set teams.  We play with whoever shows up - league just sounds all officious and shit.  We are split on the date and time, as some folks are concerned about late nights, etc.  We are bandying about the possibility of either the 4th or 5th, and will be playing at an undisclosed location (downtown or midtown, most likely), starting as early as 7.

This is all a bit premature, but we want to get the word out sooner than later.  More details as we get our crap together.  We have more mallets, more bikes, and more balls … let the wild rumpus commence!

If we get enough interest we may also start up Humpday Hardcourt, mostly because I like using that term, but also because polo is a great way to break up the grind that is the work week.