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What’s The Dilly?

This blog has been - and correct me if I am using this term wrong - hella dead lately.  That is not to say that bike polo has been dead.  I have just been lazy, tired, and / or busy.  Mostly just the latter, but oh well, we can’t win them all.

So, for those of you who are interested in this whole “bike polo” idea, here is an update as to what and when we are doing:

  • Wednesdays are Humpday Hardcourt.  Some of us meet at Off The Chain before 8:00 PM, then roll out together to Cuddy Park, near the Loussac Library.  We play until we decide we are done … last night I think I rolled out around 11:00 or 11:30, though some folks do leave earlier.
  • A mallet building class will be taking place sometime soon.  We haven’t set up the dates and times yet, but I like to think that it will be either late August or very early September.  It will be a very fun event.
  • We have polo bikes.  I don’t know if the official count is four or six, but they do exist.  We have a few more that we will be trying to make here in the near future, so we should have a full fleet.  What does that mean to you?  Basically, it means that you don’t have to trash you bike just to go play polo. If you want to learn how to modify a bike to be better for polo, hit us up and we will talk through some of the very basic things that can be done to make a bike more polotastic.
  • New people are welcome to join!  Right now we have three or four folks who would qualify as definitely not new, and most everyone else has one season or less of court time.  Now is a great time to get involved, as you can learn right alongside everyone else who is just getting involved.

Bike polo should continue to grow over the next couple of months, and we would love to see all you crazy kids on the court with us.  Remember: Humpday Hardcourt - tell your friends, invite your mom!

Straight-Up Shenanigans

As spring rolls onward (ignoring the snow we got yesterday), a ton of rides are getting lined up.  Here is some of what we are looking at in the next weeks:

Saturday, April 17th 6:30 to 9:30 - Spenardic Man

This is a ride around Spenard.  We will be meeting up at a bar in the area, then rolling around on a bar crawl.  Don’t know who is setting it up, or what the plan is, but it should be fun.  Each cyclist needs to have a person to tow on a skateboard, shopping cart, scooter, rollerblades, etc.  There may be a race element to it.  We will see.  Looks to have a good turnout, especially if it stays sunny.

Sunday, April 18th 9:00 to noon - Biker Brunch

Come to 1045 W20th Ave for brunch with a bunch of cyclists.  Bring an ingredient or two if you want, and we’ll throw it into a massive scramble.  Fun times, good company, complete with sunshine and puppies.  You won’t regret it!

Tuesday, April 20th 6:30 to 9:30 - 420 Birthday Race / Ride / Party Join

Matt Block for his birthday.  We will be meeting at the Chilkoot Charlie’s windmill on Spenard.  There will be a race through Anchorage (you can join a fun ride if you don’t want to compete), prizes for the top three finishers, as well as the least and most sketchy (riders, finishers … dunno).  Ending at Block’s house, I believe, for some shenanigans and general fun.

Friday, April 30th 6:45 to ??? - Critical Mass

Last month’s CM had a great turnout.  65 people from all walks of life, a bunch of freak bikes and a great atmosphere.  Meet at Town Square, roll out around 7:00 or 7:15.  Probably a bonfire, party, or some other shenanigans afterwards, if you are interested.  Let’s make April’s Mass rock the streets.

Saturday, May 8th Noon to 4:00 - Bike Rodeo

Help Lake Otis Elementary.  OTCC and UAA bike club are looking for people to work on bikes, help kids, and “eat as many burgers as you can.”  Food is provided, and this is a great chance to get to know people in the community and influence the next generation of cyclists.  Helmets required for riding in the obstacle course.

Saturday, May 8th 6:00 to ??? - Progressive Dinner

Starting out on one of the houses near the Chester Creek trail (probably Block’s house), we will be riding, eating, and drinking our way into the wee hours of the night.  Plans are to have a course of a meal (and drinks) at each house.  Currently roughly planning on including Block’s house, Toklat, Medfra?, Chrisser’s, and the house previously known as Kauch Haus.  Possible bonfire afterwards, or shenanigans at a local house and/or watering hole.

Hardcourt: Humpdaying Harder Than Ever

Maybe our decision to play polo on Wednesdays was fortuitously timed to coincide with the excitement over spring.  Maybe our move to a night that already has a bunch of bike people together inspires increased participation.  Either way, Humpday Hardcourt has been hella’ awesome.  We have been killing it the last two weeks, and are looking to give it a go again here this next week.

Two weeks ago saw us getting the boot from a few private parking garages.  The security guys were great, and joked around with us as we packed up to move onward.  The second guard recommended that we check out the area around the Loussac Library, which turned out to be a great recommendation (assuming that it isn’t raining).  There is a public parking lot, as well as a quiet cul-de-sac.  If we want, we can play long games in the lot, or a short game at the end of the road.  Either way is fun, and we don’t get harassed by anyone.  Police occasionally check up to make sure we are okay, but we aren’t an unlawful gathering, so they mosey onwards soon enough.

I missed last week’s game due to a trip to Seward, but apparently it was great. We are getting good turnout, everyone is playing a little harder, and skills are improving all around.

If you are at all interested in showing up, please feel free to drop a note here, or just show up for play.  We provide the mallets, we provide the balls, and you provide the fun.  It’s a good time, and we love meeting new people and seeing new faces.

Catch you on the court.

Polo bikes are gone!

The word on the street is that a couple of punks stole two of the polo bikes here this last week.  We are missing a blue brakeless fixed-gear mountain bike with front and rear wheel covers.  Huffy, I believe.  This was a lovely little polo bike, and it was stolen on Thursday night from behind Humpy’s.  There may have been a dickish guy there with a beige Takara who stole it or gave it away, as he was pissed that people chained up their bike in a manner that touched his frame (nothing like a mid-level, late-70’s or early-80’s Japanese road frame in less-than-pristine condition to get a fella’ all worked up).  He talked a lot of trash, we moved our bikes, but the polo bike ended up being not-locked.

Second bike was the Dan Sullivan, a black mountain frame with a Dan Sullivan wheel cover on the front.  Freewheel, rear brake switched to the left side.  This was stolen from Medfra on … Thursday?  Friday?  Somewhere in there.

Anyways, we are a little annoyed that the bikes are gone.  We have agreed that, if someone comes to polo on one of those bikes, they can keep it.  Otherwise we are going to be ganking our bike back from whichever sucka’ we find on it.  These are very easily-recognized bikes, and they will suck for general around-town use, so we are thinking that someone is likely to ditch them.

Also, we agreed that there is a special place in hell for bike thieves.  Bike thieving is one of the shittiest things of all time.

Humpday Hardcourt is back!

We have seen some really great polo over the last couple of months (as well as plenty of terrible or non-existent polo, too).  With the weather creeping above freezing, the daylight leaking into the evening hours, and a bit of cabin fever setting upon us, the polo action definitely seems to be picking up.

That said, we are getting a little tired of the Thursday game day … we think that we can get better turnout by switching things back to Wednesday, and we think it for two reasons.

  1. Humpday Hardcourt = hella catchy.  Way better than “Bike Polo on a Thursday evening for those of you who like that kind of thing”, which is what we had called it earlier this season.
  2. People will be at the co-op for the weekly meeting, which means that we can use peer pressure to talk people into going.  No more claims of coming to play, only to not show up.  Captive audience, etc.

So, here’s the deal.  We will meet up after the co-op meeting, which usually ends before 8PM on Wednesdays.  You are more than welcome to hang out at the shop before and during the meeting, which usually starts at 7.  Meet some folks, check out Off The Chain Collective’s general awesomeness, and then get ready for polo.  We will roll out whenever we have enough folks to play, and we will be headed to whichever court happens to tickle our fancy that night.

As always, we have mallets, we have balls … all we need is you!

Bike Polo, the Revival

That’s right, all you naysayers and ne’erdowells, bike polo is back in action up here in Alaska.  After that really long break (really guys, no one wanted to play in the SUMMER?! Wtf?), polo has a new plan.  And this time it’s serious!

So, the general plan -

  • Meet up at OTCC (814 W. Northern Lights) at 7:00 PM on Thursday, January 28th
  • Ride out to downtown at 7:15
  • Set up for play by 7:30 at either 5th and G or 9th and K
  • Wrap up whenever we are too tired, cold, or thirsty to keep playing
  • Head to a local watering hole for some refreshing beverages (and/or home for sleep)

We have mallets and a ball, as always.  We should have a couple of loaner bikes, too, if we get our act together and get them tuned up for the new season.  So far it sounds like we have enough people committed to showing up to play some three-on-three games, but we would love to have more!

This is definitely going to be a reintroduction to hardcourt polo, so don’t worry if you don’t have tons of experience.  We will be getting everyone up to speed on the rules and some general tactics, and then will have some fairly mellow play going to get people used to the game.

See you on the court - bring the ruckus!

What: Bike Polo, the Revival
When: Thursday, January 28th.
Yeah, but When?: Meet up at 7PM at OTCC, ride out at 7:15.
Where: Meeting at OTCC (814 W. Northern Lights), playing downtown.
How: With style!
Why: Because it will make your mother love you more.

Restarting The Rage

Hey folks -

Rage City Bike Polo died a quiet death for a while in the summer months and never really kicked up again in the fall.  A bunch of us have gotten together to discuss the state of affairs, and we are resolved in our determination to get things rolling again.

Here’s the deal - we intend to start the league up in February.  Mind you, it’s not a real league with set teams.  We play with whoever shows up - league just sounds all officious and shit.  We are split on the date and time, as some folks are concerned about late nights, etc.  We are bandying about the possibility of either the 4th or 5th, and will be playing at an undisclosed location (downtown or midtown, most likely), starting as early as 7.

This is all a bit premature, but we want to get the word out sooner than later.  More details as we get our crap together.  We have more mallets, more bikes, and more balls … let the wild rumpus commence!

If we get enough interest we may also start up Humpday Hardcourt, mostly because I like using that term, but also because polo is a great way to break up the grind that is the work week.

Midnight Mystery Ride - July 10th

Meet at 10 PM.  We will ride, we will do things, it will all be a mystery!  Start location to be announced.

Please bring: a soup source, a courage source, a light source, an ethanol source

It’s On, Sunday @ 10

After a long break of no one other than Josh and I crying about bike polo, we have folks who are down with the ruckus.  Should have enough for at least three-on-three, hoping to have more by the time we play.  Sunday, meet up at Off The Chain at 8 PM.  I will bring enough mallets for all of us to play.  We will ride together to the court.  Call me if you want more details: two-oh-six-six-six-nine-three-eight-one-four.