Who we are:

Anchorage Hardcourt is a free-to-join bike polo club based in Anchorage Alaska.

We provide free, fun bike polo to anyone interested, We supply and maintain a fleet of polo bikes, mallets, and helmets to loan out to first timers.

For those interested, we will be hosting monthly polo workshops at Off The Chain Bike Collective where we will assist folks in building a custom polo bike as well as polo mallets

What we do:

Bike polo is a simple ball sport played on bikes. it consist of 2 teams of three people. Each player is equipped with a mallet made from a ski pole with a pvc head, used to manipulate an outdoor hockey ball.

In order to score a goal, a player must hit the ball with the head of the mallet. Players may pass with the side of the mallet. A ball which enters the goal off of the side of the mallet is known as a shuffle, and players return to original sides before play resumes.

If a player dabs, which is any time that a players foot makes contact with something other than a pedal (i.e. the ground, the head of your mallet, or even another player or bike) you must tap out on either of the two cones placed on opposite sides of the court before you can make contact with the ball again.

Games typically go to 5 points.

Contact is reserved for bike-to-bike, mallet-to-mallet, and body-to-body on a gentlemanly basis.

Where we do it:

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 7pm at the hockey rink on 9th and E st. on the park strip downtown.

Polo is a lot of fun, and it is probably a lot less dangerous than it sounds

Come join us and make some friends!

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